On 9 December 2020, the Erasmus+ National Office carried out the monitoring visit to the MHELM project.

The meeting was moderated by Claudia MELINTE, Director of the Erasmus+ National Office. The monitoring session was attended by representatives of partner universities, as well as the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

In the opening session, Viorel BOSTAN, rector of TUM, welcomed the audience and mentioned the importance of the project for training managerial staff in higher education institutions.

Then, during the meeting, the project partners presented the activities carried out within the project, appreciating the effort of the TUM team, which is the project coordinator, in carrying out the activities under pandemic conditions. Larisa BUGAIAN, the project coordinator from TUM, summarized the project’s activities, reiterating the challenges of 2020 and the actions taken to overcome them. Mrs. Bugaian noted

that all planned activities were carried out: study visits, one being organised in an online format, the structure and content for the „Leadership and Management” study programme was developed, the procedure for authorizing the study programme was initiated by the examination and approval of the study programme by the Senates and the CISDs of partner universities, the preparation of the external evaluation report with a view to the authorisation, the tender for the purchase of the equipment was carried out, dissemination and project management activities were carried out.

Ms. Claudia MELINTE appreciated the work carried out within the MHELM project and came up with some recommendations on the implementation of the project in the future.