Between 17 and 26 November, team members of the MHELM project participated in a training session.

On the first day, Larisa Bugaian, the national project coordinator, reviewed the activities carried out, noting that the pandemic has imposed other rules and customs to carry out the planned activities. During the summer period, the team, made up of representatives of partner universities from Moldova, worked on the curricula and contents of the new training programe „Leadership and Management”. The Councils for Strategic Institutional Development and the Senates of partner universities examined and approved the continuous training programme, which was coordinated with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

During the 5 days of training, David Dawson, coordinator from the University of Gloucestershire, Alice Buzdugan, coordinator from ISOB, and Liliana Rogozea, coordinator from Transylvania University of Brasov facilitated training sessions with the following topics: Framework of management and leadership competences and skills in higher education, Resistance to change and its management, Implementation of group projects with national impact, Coaching methods for training leaders, Impact assessment.

Representatives of partner universities in Moldova presented the contents of the modules developed within the project. On November 17, module I ”Leadership and management in higher education” was presented by Angela Niculiţă, SUM (Module leader), Otilia Dandara, SUM, Dionisie Boaghie, SAUM, Tatiana Gaugaş, SSEM and Tatiana Sova, SUM. On the second day, November 18, Module II ”Staff management and organizational culture” was presented by Daniela Pojar, TUM (Module leader), Tatiana Novac, SUMPh, Valentina Prițcan, SUARB, Irina Todos, SUC, Grigore Baltag, SAUM and Mihaela Balmuş-Andone, SUM. Module III ”Resource management in higher education institutions” was presented on November 19 by Larisa Bugaian, TUM (Module leader), Victoria Cravets, SUMPh, Angela Solcan, AESM and Cornelia Crucerescu, TUM. On the last day of training, on November 20, the fourth module ”Change management and organizational development in higher education institutions” was presented by Ala Cotelnic, AESM (Module leader); Liudmila Roșca Sadurschi, SUC, Maria Hamuraru, SUM, Evelina Gherghelegiu, SUMPh and Rafael Ciloci, TUM. The members of the work teams spoke about the structure of each module, the training strategies and the methods of assessing knowledge. European partners intervened with comments and suggestions to improve the content.

As a result of the presentations, the teams developing the Leadership and Managment programme discussed about completing the set of active training methods with new ones that can be done online. It was also discussed that the projects for completing the modules should be carried out mainly in interuniversity teams. Final assessment methods, which will be carried out at the completion of the training programme, as well as organisational aspects of the subsequent training sessions, were also discussed.