The partnership consists of 11 well-chosen partners from 3 EU countries (United Kingdom, Germany and Romania) and 8 from Republic of Moldova representing HEI and Ministry of Education, Culture and Research, as well as one Associated Partner – Rector`s Council of Moldova.

The inclusion of Ministry of Education and Research as a partner, ensures that the new leadership and management development programme will generate capacity to deliver on Government policy for structural change in higher education. Their involvement will also support the approval and implementation in all public universities in Moldova. Their commitment to the project comes from a need to ensure the enhancement of university governance. They see the development of a new programme that supports institutions across the Moldovan higher education sector to formulate and enact sound strategy and, in turn, the creation of an efficient system, as vital. The involvement of Rector`s Council of Moldova, as an Associated Partner, is valued as it provides access to up to date information on the leadership and management challenges as viewed by its membership (26 of the 29 Universities in Moldova after the proposed changes occur).

Technical University of Moldova was founded in 1964 and is the only higher education institution for engineering in Moldova Republic. The fundamental mission of the Technical University of Moldova is to provide quality education by combining education, research and innovation, to the younger generation that will contribute to building a society and sustainable economy based on knowledge and to form the student personality of a creative and critical type. Technical University of Moldova as project lead will coordinate the project activities. TUM has led the way in identifying the need for a leadership and management development programme for Moldovan universities and is well placed to coordinate the project. TUM will also coordinate the delivery and evaluation of the pilot leadership and management development programme. In addition, TUM has previously delivered on the design, procurement, and installation of equipment for teaching spaces.

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