The main output is the new programme – Leadership and Management Development, implemented in each partner university involved in the project.

Expected tangible results at the end of the project will be:

Individual leaders and managers:

Individual leaders and managers are the direct target of the programme and are key to its rationale. The universities that employ them will nominate individual leaders and managers to be trainees when the new programme is implemented, an approach that will be replicated by non-partner institutions that adopt the programme following dissemination. Each trainee will benefit from having a better understanding of their capability, increased awareness of best practice techniques for leading/managing, and experience of applying those techniques to the governance, strategic planning and management at their institution.


All 29 of the remaining universities in Moldova are stakeholders in the project and 7 are included as partners of the project. The remaining 22 will be the target of dissemination activity, in particular via Breakfast meetings for senior managers. Nineteen of the non-partner institutions are members of the Rector Council of Moldova (RCM) and will be engaged with RCM’s assistance. All institutions will be encouraged by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research (MECR) to partake in the dissemination activities. The project will impact on the capacity of each institution to enhance its governance structures, strategic planning and management to ensure they support HE reforms and increase focus on the economy and society.


MECR and RCM are significant stakeholders at the national level and are included as a partner and an Associated partner. MECR recognize the need to raise the capacity of leaders and managers to drive the creation of an effective HE sector focused on the needs of the economy and society in Moldova, through modernized approaches to the governance, strategic planning and management of universities. MECR has recommended that each university should establish a leadership and management development programme, and this project will enable this national objective to be exploited and realised in a way that ensures a high quality common approach across Moldovan partner universities.


1. Project Management Plan

Systems and documents (including the partnership agreement and risk register) have been created and distributed to all partners.

2. Launch meeting in Moldova, and forward plan future meetings

  • The launch meeting in MD – Novemeber 25, 2019. More details here.
  • The plan of future meetings for the Steering Group and Management Team.
  • The confirmation of dates for partner visits and meetings.

3. Terms of reference for Advisory Group members and External Evaluator

1.The program “Leadership and Management”, approved by CDSI and the Senate of the partner universities:

Technical University of Moldova – CDSI decision Senat decision

Academy of Economic Studies of Moldova – CDSI decision Senat_decision

Nicolae Testemitanu State University of Medicine and Pharmacy of the Republic of Moldova – CDSI decision  Senat decision

State Agrarian University of Moldova – CDSI decision Senat decision 

Cahul State University “Bogdan Petriceicu Hasdeu” – CDSI_decision  Senat decision

Alecu Russo Balti State University – CDSI decision  Senat_decision

2. The program “Leadership and Management”, coordonated by MECR  Download here

3. Handbook of the program “Leadership and Management”  Download here

4. Methodological guide dor teaching the program “Leadership and Management” Download here

5. Government action plan for the years 2020-2023, HG no. 263/2019 Download here

1. On-line Staff Training Workshops – November 17-20 and November 26, 2020, Zoom platform

2. Piloting the programme. January 2021-February 2021 – first module Leadership and Management in Higher Education Institutions, Zoom platform

3. Piloting the programme. February, 25-26, 2021 – evaluation within the first module Leadership and Management in Higher Education Institutions, Zoom platform

  1. Quality Assurance and Internal Evaluation Plan developed.
    • Working papers and reports written about each quality assurance activity (Partner Meeting discussions, Process Quality Survey, Advisory Group Meetings, End User Surveys).
    • Quality Surveys prepared about the Staff Training Workshop and the four Modules of the study programme developed.
  1. Project Risk Register in place.
  2. External Evaluator appointed.
    • Two Process surveys prepared and two external evaluation reports written.
  3. Advisory Group of the project appointed.
    • First Meeting of Advisory Group held; partial feedback about MHELM study materials; meeting report written.

1. Dissemination and exploitation plan developed

2. Project Logo developed

3. The flyer of the project designed and published

4. Dissemination system defined:

  • internal target groups: project web-site, institutional web-sites, institutional social networks, corporative mails, meetings
  • external target groups: project web-site, institutional web-sites, socail networks, news pltaforms- diez.md, conferences and international events

5. The web-site of the project created. Version in Romanian and English languages available

6. Partner pages of the MHELM project created

7. Newsletter

8. Publications

  • 15.10.2019-14.10.2020
  • 15.10.2019-14.10.2020