On 20 November 2020, the international conference «Competitiveness and Sustainable Development» was held, organised by the Faculty of Economic Engineering and Business of the TUM. At the opening plenary session of the conference, Mrs. Larisa Bugaian, PhD, univ.prof., presented the project „Moldova Higher Education Leadership and Management” (MHELM).

Mrs. Bugaian Larisa referred to the study conducted by UoG and TUM researchers among 159 leaders and managers employed in 15 public universities in Moldova. The survey results showed that 55% of respondents participated in workshops or short training events, with rarely being offered structured programmes to increase their management capacity. Only 16% of respondents confirmed that their institution had given them access to a management development programme, while 73% said they would take the opportunity to complete such a programme. The study showed that respondents feel the need to train skills to manage changes, finances, risks, staff performance, project management as imperative training needs for leaders and managers in universities in Moldova. The results of the study were the basic reason for the elaboration of the project „Moldova Higher Education Leadership and Management” (MHELM).

In her speech, Mrs. Bugaian referred to the objectives of the project, noting that the basic aim of the project is to develop and implement a new training programme for managers in higher education institutions. Higher education managers will be trained during the implementation of the project. More recently, this need is also addressed at the level of the Government and the MECR. According to Government Decision No. 636 of December 2019 „On the approval of the Government Action Plan for 2020-2023”, Chapter VII. Education, research, culture, youth and sport, p. 7.16. Increased university autonomy, strengthening accountability and transparency in higher education institutions, p. 7.16.4. Approval and implementation of the government decision, this training is mandatory for university leaders and managers, according to which 100% of higher education managers must be trained by 2023.

Larisa Bugaian referred to the activities that were carried out under the MHELM project, noting that the project partners carried out the study visits to Gloucestershire University in the United Kingdom and Transylvania University in Brasov, Romania, where the experiences of partner universities were studied, developed the structure and content of the new study programme, initiated the procedure for approving and authorizing the study programme.