On October 13, members of  MHELM consortium reunited together on ZOOM platform to discuss on the evolution of university management.

Otilia DANDARA from Moldavian State University moderated the event. As special guests were Viorelia MOLDOVAN-BATRINAC and Valeriu CABAC. Both invitees have a large experience in the field of higher education, including in the university management and educational policies.

Discussed subjects covered such issues as – phases in the evolution of  university management, and their impact on participants university careers; university management before and after 2005; principles of university management and used managerial methods  before and after 2005: readiness of the Republic of Moldova for a new concept; implemented from 2005, in the field of education, the strongest and weakness of actual university management, the profile of an efficient university manager: rector, vice-rector, dean, head of department, the optimal structure of the university managerial team.

The participants concluded that Moldavian higher education field is evolving constantly and university managers should be awarded with all modification in the European Higher Education Area in order to use all offered opportunities.