Between June 23-25, 2021, the final evaluation of the trainees took place within the piloting of the training program “Leadership and management”.

The purpose of the program piloting was to assure that project members will follow the training program, as trainees. The piloting was organized during January – June 2021, as following: the first module – January – February 2021, the second module – March – April 2021, the third module – April – May 2021 and the fourth module – May – June 2021. According to curricula the program finalizes with the final evaluation, consisting in the presentation of individual projects, done in individually or in teams.

Between 23-25 June 2021, were presented 11 projects, which have been evaluated by the evaluation commission. All attendees will receive certification which attest the accomplishment of the study program.

Also, the members of the project have discussed on the taught content in order to improve it for future trainees.