The MHELM project was presented at the 1st International scientific-practical conference “Trends and prospects of management development in the condition of global challenges”, organised by the Kherson State Agrarian Economic University at May 29, 2021.

During the Conference Larisa BUGAIAN, coordinator of the MHELM project, presented the purpose and objectives of the project, as well as the project activities. In her presentation at this Conference, Ms. Bugaian mentioned that, in order to facilitate the progress of reforms in the field of higher education in the Republic of Moldova, it is strictly necessary to train leaders and university managers with specific skills to restructure and manage a modern, progressive university, oriented to the accomplishment of the joint university mission of the European University Area. Leaders and managers must be able to drive change and cope with the major complexity that comes with increasing the size of the university’s autonomy. As part of this reform, leaders and managers must ensure that their institutions, at all levels, are focused on training graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary to stimulate the economy of the Republic of Moldova and to ensure the development of society in general. This will require the IIS to focus on both national and regional labor market needs to become more internationally oriented.