On May, 18, 2021, the evaluation team from ANACEC has visited virtually TUM, in order to interview all involved parts in the educational process of the program “Leadership and Management”.

The audience was welcomed by dr.hab., prof. Viorel Bostan, rector of TUM, and his managerial team – dr., assoc. prof. Vladislav Resitca, vice rector for studies, Daniela Pojar, vice rector for financial issues and international relations and dr., assoc. prof. Stela Balan, head of Academic Management and Quality Assurance Department. During the visit evaluators discussed with the implementation team, formed by dr.hab., prof. Larisa Bugaian from TUM, dr.hab., prof. Otilia Dandara, dr., assoc. prof. Angela Niculita and univ.lect. Tatiana Turchina from SUM, dr.hab., prof. Ala Cotelnic from AESM, dr., assoc. prof. Valentina Pritcan from BSUAR, as well with staff from project supporting facilities – University Center of  LLL, Financial department, Library.