Between February 17-21, 2020, a study visit took place at the Transilvania University of Brasov, Romania, within the MHELM project. The study visit was attended by representatives of six higher education institutions in Moldova, as well as representatives of the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research.

During the study visit, the experience of Transilvania University in the field of university leadership was examined. Ioan Vasile Abrudan, rector of UTBv, spoke about the implementation of leadership from vision to reality based on the experience of UTBv, Ioan Vişa addressed the topic with reference to the role of the leader in supporting university research based on good practices developed under European projects, Rodica Niculescu referring to the models of management and educational leadership, Ioana Chițea spoke about how to develop marketing skills for people with managerial positions in the education system, Daniel Munteanu spoke about ways to develop leadership skills by involving students in management structures, as well as by developing joint projects with the socio-economic environment, Luminița Scutaru referred to the development of quality policies and their evaluation at the institutional level, and, finally, Liliana Rogozea presented aspects of online reputation management and Public Speaking.

Following the study visit, the representatives of the Moldovan academic environment worked on the final structure of the program, on the name and content of the modules, the competencies to be trained in each module, the distribution of responsibilities and setting deadlines for activities. The moderators were Larisa Bugaian, TUM, national project coordinator, David Dawson, UoG coordinator, Alex Krauss and Alice Buzdugan, ISOB.