As of January 20, 2021, the piloting within the training programme „Leadership and Management” started. The purpose of the piloting is to test the contents, adjust them and develop the final contents that will be delivered later in the training programme „Leadership and Management” for leaders and managers of Higher Education Institutions in the Republic of Moldova.

During January-February 2021, the piloting of the first module took place, provided by the team formed by Ph.D. Angela NICULIȚĂ, associate professor, SUM (Module leader), Dr. hab. Otilia DANDARA, professor, SUM, Ph.D. Dionisie BOAGHIE, associate professor, SUM, Tatiana GAUGAȘ, lecturer, AESM and Ph.D. Tatiana ŞOVA, associate professor, SUARB, who elaborated the contents for the module „Leadership and Management in higher education institutions”. At the end of the module, on February 25-26, the defense of the individual projects took place, their themes being proposed for choice at the launch of the module. More